Rosa Gres, a product of Spain, Europe is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for swimming pool tiles. With a wide and broad selection of tiles catering to both residential and commercial pool, we are sure that one of them will be able to meet your project requirement. Click on the individual picture/icon below to view or download the range you need.

For interiors and exteriors. Wit…read [+]

Deck out interiors and exterio…read [+]

Ideal because the 120x120 format is a unique conce…read [+]

Ideal for high-traffic areas such as commercial sp…read [+]

Ideal for outside spaces that have the look of woo…read [+]

Ideal for outside spaces, patios and pools. Trans…read [+]

Ideal for interiors, outside spaces and humid area…read [+]

Ideal for interiors, exteriors,pools and spas. T…read [+]

Ideal for public, recreational…read [+]

Ideal for industrial projects in the food and chem…read [+]

We strive to offer competitive rates for our products and services to maximize the value that you will enjoy through innovation and creativity