Swimming Pool Equipment & Accessories

Cleaning Equipment

Products ranging from leaf rakes to vacuum heads and vacuum hoses for a consistently clean pool. Please feel free to enquire.

Water Testing Equipment

Unsure about the water quality in your swimming pool? What better way than to do a water test yourself with our quick and easy test kits.

Underwater Lighting

Underwater lights complement the nightscape of your pool. We carry a substantial range of brands for your ease of mind. Feel free to enquire.


Filters are units containing a media that allows dirt to be trapped when water is being passed through.

The most popular units being installed are the diatomaceous earth units.

Types of filters include: DE Filters, Sand Filters, Cartridge Filters etc..

Replacement Grids

These filtration grids are for replacing the internals of your DE/Cartridge filters. Average lifespan ranges from 2-3 years depending on various factors.

Removal and cleaning is a definite servicing necessity to ensure a prolong lifespan.


Driven by a mechanical motor that draws water in and pumps it out to ensure a constant rate of circulation.

There are many pumps that we keep in stock, feel free to ring us to enquire.

Heat Pumps

Durable & Affordable Titanium Core heat pumps available to bring your water temperature higher with lower electricity bills & better R.O.I


Truly the only system which combines both UV & Ionizer for maximum safe swimming water & zero chlorine usage! Suitable for both residential and commercial applications!

Robot Cleaner

Need to clean your pool but lazy to DIY? The robot cleaner is your answer, plug it in, put it in and let it take away the hassle of cleaning of your pool!

Salt Chlorinators

For the swimming connoisseur who appreciates a mildly salty swimming water environment. Salt Chlorinators will take away the hassle of manual dosing of chemicals yet maintain a pre-set level of free chlorine in your water.

We strive to offer competitive rates for our products and services to maximize the value that you will enjoy through innovation and creativity