In today’s hectic world, aren’t we all looking for a private retreat--a place to become refreshed physically and mentally? Imagine being able to come home from a long day at the office and slip into the comfort of your own bath time paradise. Your muscles finally relax. All the hassles of the day leave your mind. You feel every ounce of stress drain from your body.

Amerec combines age-old traditions with modern design and technology to create your own healthy escape. Whether you prefer Traditional Finnish Sauna or a Custom sauna loaded with luxurious upgrades, there’s an Amerec sauna that’s perfect for you.

Amerec saunas are made of the finest materials available. Our wood, clear Western Red Cedar, is selected for its color, its performance in a sauna environment and its supreme quality.

We work directly with Pacific-Northwest lumber mills to secure the finest Western Red Cedar available. It is then slowly kiln-dried and milled to our exacting standards and specifications. Our attention to wood quality gives Amerec saunas a more refined look and ensures years of enjoyment.



Nothing Beats Having Your Very Own Equipment To Work-out In The Comfort Of Your Pool. For The Discerning Few, Waterland Brings You A complete Range Of Aquagym product.


AstralPool presents the Wellfit Bike, main product of the future Wellfit Aquagym range. The Wellfit Bike is ideal to be used in fitness, wellness and spa centres, as well as, in medical installations, hotels and private pools.

We strive to offer competitive rates for our products and services to maximize the value that you will enjoy through innovation and creativity